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Where you go matters, who came before you matters, come discover the power of this place.

Cayuga County has been home to many notable figures in history. One of the most well-known is 哈丽特塔布曼, the self-sacrificing abolitionist, 人道主义, and Civil War hero who freed hundreds of enslaved individuals after following her self-emancipation. 

While many people know 哈丽特塔布曼 as a conductor of the Underground Railroad, few know the rest of her story. 塔布曼 spent her 50+ years outside of slavery as a public speaker and mentor, a selfless philanthropist, and a successful entrepreneur, all while being a lifelong abolitionist. She chose to live alongside her friends and colleagues in the place where the soul of equal rights was born and lives on today, 奥本, NY. 

在这里, you can follow in the footsteps of 哈丽特塔布曼 and experience her history – and her legacy – in a whole new way. Walk in her shoes across the streets and the floors of the historical landmarks that welcomed 哈丽特塔布曼 to live her life as a free woman. Take the self-guided Underground Railroad Tour, including churches and houses such as the Seward House Museum, where enslaved people were safely housed during their freedom journey. Learn about her philanthropic work and tour the property she owned, where her brick residence still stands today, along with apple orchards that she planted at The 哈丽特塔布曼 National Historical Park. Then pay your respects to her life at her final resting place in Fort Hill Cemetery

哈丽特塔布曼’s legacy lives on in the historical sites, in the residents, in the small businesses, and in the community itself. Plan a visit and allow yourself to experience the untold story of 哈丽特塔布曼 and her bravery.

Seward House Museum

Fellow abolitionists and suffragists, the Seward Family, opened their home to fleeing slaves as a safe resting place. Now a public museum, the Seward House is a designated National Historic Landmark displaying one of America’s most original collections of historic homes.  

Fort Hill Cemetery

Set on a hill overlooking 奥本, this site was used for burial mounds by Native Americans as early as 1100 A.D. The cemetery includes the burial sites of notable figures such as 哈丽特塔布曼, William Seward, and Martha Coffin Wright and is open to the public.

Equal Rights Heritage Center

Experience the creative ways New Yorkers organized to stand for justice and learn about the key contributors from the 1800s to the modern day. Relax and unwind on the green space or admire the bronze statue of 哈丽特塔布曼 in the courtyard—a photo opportunity not to be missed—and find all travel resources like paper guides, 地图, 宣传册, and I Love NY trip-planning kiosks at this one-stop tourist hub.

Church under construction

哈丽特塔布曼 National Historical Park

The National Park Service preserves the Thompson Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, where 塔布曼 attended service for 22 years.

哈丽特塔布曼 Home

The 哈丽特塔布曼 Home, Inc. is an independent non-profit established by the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church to manage and operate the homestead of Ms. 塔布曼. The 哈丽特塔布曼 Home is charged with sharing 哈丽特塔布曼’s core values with visitors through a guided tour of the property.